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Dear students, dear colleagues,

Here are the long-awaited results for the December AND January rounds. Again, it took us a long time but there are a few good reads, which I assume you will appreciate. You will find attached the works of two MPSI students’ groups, the lucky winners for both December and January.

This class definitely rules ! I am impressed by their consistency : so far, they have never missed a round, always handing in their outputs on time. Some serious students we have here ! I do hope this will trigger some sense of competition and that the other classes will react and show what THEY are capable of ! They cannot let the MPSI students take it all, can they ?

Anyway, enjoy those very interesting - and no less nice-looking - pieces.

Revue de presse_dec_MPSI

JPG - 138.4 ko
The Winners_Dec_MPSI

From left to right : Taina JALTON, Fiona NEGRIT, Sara MERABLI, Paula SELBONNE, Iftin MOUSTAPHA

Revue de presse_jan_MPSI

JPG - 138.8 ko
The Winners_Jan_MPSI

From left to right : Mathis BOULARDIN, Océane NEREE, Marc-Emmanuel MARTINO, Ewan CARMASOL, Nicolas MARTINE

Regards, Ms DAMO

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