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Dear students, dear colleagues,

Here are, at long last, the results for the October AND November rounds. It was a little bit longer than usual but I trust you will not be disappointed. I am glad to share with you the works of the MPSI students AND PSI students, the lucky winners for respectively the October and the November sessions.

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The Winners_Oct_MPSI

From left to right : Bastien LEPREUX, Edouard LEFIZELIER, Youri HERMIN, Louisa BELLON & Agathe BOURGUIGNON

The elite news paper (october)

I must admit that I am particularly happy to see the PSI sudents win for once. Over the past years, the class tended to lag behind (to the despair of one of their teachers, and whose name I won’t give away). But this year’s students show unprecedented seriousness and involvement, breaking the « evil spell », so to speak, and reconciling the class with victory. They’ve got good reasons to be proud.

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The Winners_Nov_PSI

From left to right : Yorhan JERUL, Elsy NOIROT (foreground), Williane SEGOR & Lory CANNEVAL

Global’eyes (november)

But their success ought not to overshadow the MPSI sutents’. Though for that class victory is nothing unusual (I mean when considering the past years), what strikes me about this group is that it’s a perfect example of solidarity, because among them are students with very different levels of proficiency. And this I find admirable.

Well, I won’t hold you back any longer. Have a nice reading !


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