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Dear students, dear colleagues,

The CPGE Monthly Press Review Contest is now on its third year ! So, here we go again, if you please, with brand new first-year students taking the plunge. And it appears they are not bad at all : for the first review of the school year, they proved better than their second-year counterparts.

But first, a reminder about the contest : every month, a designated group of students from each of my 5 classes is in charge of closely following the news to spot the major items and then sum them up so that their comrades are provided with a useful recap of each month’s events.

The point is first to encourage the students to « stay tuned » and read the English-speaking press as often as possible, but also to help them acquire the necessary skills for the competitive exams, given that they are often asked to summarize information.

Posting their productions on the school’s website is also a way to reward their hard work. Besides, I do hope that you will find some interest in reading their work.

The Winners_Sept_PCSI

But I’m sidetracking ! The winners for the September press review ? It was a tight vote, but the PCSI students came out victorious, closely followed by the MPSI group (also first-year) and the PSI group (second-year).

Covering local and international news, they share with us what they consider key information.



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The Winners_Sept_PCSI The Winners_Sept_PCSI

From left to right : Emilie DIOMAR, Naïssa BABIN and Romy PETIT.

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