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Dear students, dear colleagues,

Here is, at last, a selection of last December’s most striking news, made by the PC students. They are the victors of the latest session of this school year’s CPGE Monthly Press Review Contest. It’s the third time in a row that the class is victorious. I shall applaud their serious and consistency.


You’ll also find, as an extra, the outputs of another contest I ran inside my two first-year classes : a cartoon contest on the topic of gun violence / gun control in the USA.


The present drawings are those that respectively came out victorious in MPSI and PCSI.


Enjoy !



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Cartoon_PCSI Cartoon_PCSI

Gun violence & gun control as seen by WIlliam DEFOE, Sébastien HARIDAS and Tania PONGUE

Cartoon_MPSI Cartoon_MPSI

Gun violence as denounced by Roman CEREZO, Kény DUMANOIR, Emilie FERBU and Manuel LOFERNE

Winners Winners

From left to right : Thomas DURIZOT, Killian ABALLEA, Tess JEAN (Julien XIE missing)

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  • RP_Dec2017_PC
  • Winter Olympics, One Planet Summit, Space Exploration : take a look at what they deemed more relevant for the end of 2017

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