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Dear students, dear colleagues,

Here is a pick of October’s but also November’s news, as selected by the PC students, the winners of both the second and third sessions of this school year’s CPGE Monthly Press Review Contest.

A few words about the process of designating the victors : each class’s outpout is examined by a jury of three, including myself. Our assessment grid is composed of 4 criteria : the language quality, the relevance of the chosen news items, the attractiveness of the layout and the observance of a set of rules.

My greatest thanks to the two fellow teachers asssisting me every month in this task, Ms Karine Andy and Ms Carine Colletin, both teachers in similar classes.

Enjoy !


The Winners (October)

The Winners (October)

Press Review October 2017 PC ....

.... The Winners (November)

The Winners (November)

Press Review November 2017 PC

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The Winners (October) The Winners (October)

From left to right : Cécilia Tony, Tamara Yoyotte, Julien Dolaïs & Arnaud Prudent

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  • RP_Nov2017_PC
  • Dive into what the PC students considered the most noteworthy events of November 2017.

  • 1.1 Mo
  • RP_Oct2017_PC
  • The PC students’ selection of major news that marked October 2017.

  • 1.8 Mo
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