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Article mis en ligne le 6 février 2017, par Judy DAMO  
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Dear students, dear colleagues,

I would like to present you a project. I have set up with my students this year : a monthly press review contest.

Here is how it works : every month, a designated group of students from each of my 5 classes is in charge of closely following the news to spot the major items and then sum them up so that their comrades are provided with a useful recap of each month’s events.

The point is first to encourage the students to « stay tuned » and read the English-speaking press as often as possible but also to help them acquire the necessary skills for the competitive exams as they are often asked to summarize information.

So each month I will be sharing their recaps with you (PDF documents attached) as a way to reward their hard work but also because I am strongly convinced that you might find some interest in this.

For the first three rounds of the contest the winners were : the MP students for September and the MPSI students for both Octobrer and November.

Regards, Ms DAMO

télécharger  Galerie de photos :
Photo étudiants MP_RP sept2016 Photo étudiants MP_RP sept2016

The 1st round’s winners (sept2016)

Photo étudiants MPSI_RP nov2016 Photo étudiants MPSI_RP nov2016

The 2nd round’s winners_Nov2016

Photo étudiants MPSI_RP Dec2016 Photo étudiants MPSI_RP Dec2016

The 3rd round’s winners_Dec2016

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  • Press Review_November2016_MPSI
  • What happened last November ? From space to guns to politics : a glimpse into the major events according to the MPSI students.

  • 835.9 ko
  • Press Review_October2016_MPSI
  • What happened last October ? From the US presidential election to Pokemon Go to hurricane Matthew : a glimpse into the major events according to the MPSI students.

  • 1.5 Mo
  • Press Review_September2016_MP
  • What happened last September ? From the presidential debates in the US to the Zika epidemics to the Paralympics : a glimpse into the major events according to the MP students.

  • 523.6 ko
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